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Quick Release Unit

Quick Release System allows you to easily remove steering wheel for entry/exit. Bolts onto steering column with NO fabrication or welding. Quick Release fits any MOMO, Sparco, OMP, or our own TC Racing steering wheels.

  • Race proven and patented
  • Unique spring-loaded twin pin mechanism
  • Allows easy removal of steering wheel; securely clicks back into place
  • Quick bolt-on installation, no welding required
  • Fits most sport steering wheels (see above)
  • Can double as a great anti-theft device!



  • Three studs ensure positive engagement
  • Tapered pins lock assembly together




  • An O-ring machined into a groove in the Quick Release provides a tight fit between the two halves, there is no vibration.





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Steering Wheels

  • TC Racing offers two styles of extremely high-quality, Italian black suede Corse steering wheels with a narrow red leather stripe mark at the top. 
  • Ergonomic style wheel is molded to fit the contours of your hands while at a comfortable driving position.
  • Cup wheel is suitable for applications where a round wheel is desired, or where the wheel needs to be closer to the driver. 
Ergo: ergonomic style, 340mm Diameter
Cup: dished style, 350mm Diameter 75mm Depth


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Quick Release Hub

  • Hubs available for most cars, see order page. Most models in stock, others available by special order. Give us a call.
  • Hub extensions available for some models.
  • Allows easy bolt in installation of Quick Release unit or steering wheel. No cutting or welding required!
  • Retains stock distance from wheel to dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What diameter are the wheels you offer?

         The Ergonomic wheel is 340mm in diameter and the Dished wheel is 350mm  in diameter.

How "deep" is the Dished wheel?

         The Dished wheel measures 75mm from the outermost face of the wheel to the back of the mounting surface.  The Ergo wheel is flat.  The Dished wheel will typically give more legroom and bring the wheel closer to the driver.

How easy is it to install the hub in my car?  Do I have to cut, drill, or weld?

          These hubs were designed to just bolt in.  They are installed the same way that the original wheel was installed in the car.  No cutting, drilling, or welding to the steering shaft is required with any of our hubs.

Can I use your hub to install another manufacturers wheel?

          No, our hubs were designed to fit either of our wheels, or the Quick Release unit we sell.

What steering wheels fit the Quick Release unit you sell?

          Our Quick Release units have two sets of holes.  One set of holes is drilled to fit our wheels, and the other set of holes is drilled to fit other popular racing steering wheels (MOMO, OMP, or Sparco).  The two bolt patterns are as follows: one set is drilled "six on 74mm" with 5mm screws, and the other set is drilled "6 on 70mm" with 4mm screws.

Can I use your Wheels with my existing hub? 

          Typically no.  Our wheels were designed to fit our hubs or our Quick Release and have the larger "six on 74mm"  bolt pattern.

Can I use your Quick Release with my existing hub?

          Typically no.  Our Quick Release units were designed to fit only our hubs and have the larger "six on 74mm" bolt pattern.

Can I keep my horn?

          Although our systems were designed for use off-road, we have worked with customers to help them keep their horn buttons in the stock location.  A few hubs for certain models have been modified to accept the wiring for a horn, but every car is different.  We do offer a horn button for our wheels, and also the contacts for the Quick Release unit.  Call us to inquire.  We will have a section giving more detailed instructions on the installation of a horn button soon.

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  • Limits of Liability: There is no warranty on parts used for track driving, racing or any form of off-road use.
  • Return Policy: No returns on used parts.  Ten percent (10%) re-stocking fee charged on all authorized returns. Official return authorization (RA) number must accompany returns. No refunds on shipping charges. No returns after 30 days.
  • Quick Release is not intended for Street use.
  • International shipments may require extra shipping charges, please e-mail or call us.

                                               email: tcracingporsches@aol.com


The Quick Release System was extensively tested by David Murry www.davidmurry.com

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